Bibliography – Primary Sources

Bibliography – Secondary Sources

Matthew Cocking Journal, 1772-1773

George Sutherland Biography

George Sutherland Sturgeon Lake Journal 1779-1780

George Sutherland Edmonton House Journal 1796-1797

William Tomison Letter damning George Sutherland 1797

George Sutherland Letter damning William Tomison 1798

Francois Larocque Journal, 1805 – Journal of a Voyage to the Rocky Mountains

Peter Fidler Report of the Red River District 1819

Peter Fidler Report of the Manitoba District 1820

Memoirs of John Edward Harriott, 1819-1825

Carlton House Journal 1824-25

Ens and Potyondi, A History of the Upper Athabasca in the 19th Century

Hay River Journal of 1807 (NWC) — Edited and Annotated by David Harrison