5 Reels — Filmed for the National Archives of Canada in 1954. This series comprises legible copies of the incoming original correspondence made by copying clerks for the use of the C.M.S. Committee. The items, which were sometimes but not always numbered in order of arrival in annual sequences running from May to April (the Committee’s year), were usually copied into the books in their chronological order of receipt. From 1822 to May 1849 the letters and journals were copied in full, while the receipt of printed papers and of financial papers, as distinct from financial letters, was merely noted. From 1849 only the letters were copied out in full. From 1871/2 onwards, the annual letters of the missionaries (often printed), describing the activities of the missions’ year from August to July, were copied or pasted into the backs of the volumes. All ten books are under the North-West America Mission’s C.1. classification (Class “C”, Series C.1./M.1-10), but the last four volumes (M.7-10) include separate sections, with separate internal indexes, for the correspondence of the North Pacific Mission, 1868-1876, and for its annual letters, 1873-1877.

Partial Transcript of Mission Book 1


Mission Book 1 – 1821-1833
Mission Book 2 – 1834-1841
Mission Book 3 – 1841-1845
Mission Book 4 – 1844-1850
Mission Book 5 – 1850-1855
Mission Book 6 – 1855-1865
Mission Book 7 – 1868-1870
Mission Book 8 – 1871-1873
Mission Book 9 – 1873-1875
Mission Book 10 – 1875-1876